Optimize your payments collections strategy with machine learning.

Recover failed payments with intelligently optimized retry strategies to prevent involuntary churn and increase recurring revenue.

Maximize payment authorizations while minimizing collection attempts.

Butter combines a database of transaction history and Dunning best practices to ensure the highest likelihood of payment success while limiting the number of retry requests.

Dynamic decline handling and intelligent re-try strategies.

Butter processes error response data to suggest the best time of day, day of week, and cadence for your retry attempts — individually tailored to ensure the highest likelihood of acceptance.

Cover the widest range of payment methods.

Butter’s Auto-Retry product expands coverage for retry attempts beyond credit cards to PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.

Provide the fidelity your team needs.

Butter provides a PSP-agnostic solution providing maximal degrees of freedom to complement your internal constraints.