Multiple payments integrations? No problem - we’ll take it from here.

Increase payment authorization rates, minimize transaction cost payouts, and let Butter handle the rest.

Maximize payments success with productized, intelligent payments routing

Butter’s automatic payment routing engine dynamically routes transactions across the combinations of acquiring banks and PSPs with the highest likelihood of payment acceptance.

Unlock more flexibility from your existing integrations

Unlike traditional payment gateways, Butter enables you to take advantage of multiple PSP rails for a single invoice so you can make the most of your existing payments infrastructure.

Make your own rules

Routing rules can be built entirely around Butter’s ML, or you can set custom configurations to ensure routing to acquirers with maximum payment success outcomes.

Set it and forget it

Let Butter lower your transaction costs (with automatic routing to low cost providers), improve your end user experiences (with fewer service interruptions), and simplify your analytics (with consolidated cross-provider error messaging).

Want to move your payments efficiently?

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