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The accidental churn problem

When legitimate payments fail at checkout, or as part of an ongoing subscription, you lose valuable happy customers; even worse, they get a bad experience, especially if you have to bug them to “fix” a perfectly legitimate card.

How existing solutions fall short

Unlike other capabilities — built into either a Payment Service Provider (PSP) or Billing Management Platform as features — we retry just as much as needed, not constantly and repeatedly

Butter’s laser-focused patented solution

When legitimate payments fail at checkout, or as part of an ongoing subscription, you lose valuable happy customers; even worse, they get a bad experience, especially if you have to bug them to “fix” a perfectly legitimate card.

Unique optimization

Butter optimizes each failed payment uniquely, not as a batch with many payments retried together. This means each failed payment is analyzed on its own, and is set up individually for success.

Sophisticated retry timing

Butter optimizes retry timing down to the second both for initial attempt as well as any additional attempts based on our insights on what works best across banks, cards, currencies, geography and more.

Lower payment fees

Butter can route and optimize to lower payment fees and to ensure your payment pipeline is as efficient as possible by retrying failed payments the minimum times needed. This saves money and further improves success rates for valid payments.

Real time insights

Our ongoing, real time insights across the payments ecosystem allow Butter to optimize how each and every failed payment is presented, down to the last detail.

Maximize authorization success

Butter’s authorization success capability enhances both recovery of failed payments as well as being a powerful tool to dramatically increase initial payment success both at checkout, trial start, and trial conversion.

Legitimate payments only

Butter only focuses on failed payments that are legitimate, and we keep it that way. Similar to technology used to detect fraud, Butter applies sophisticated machine learning and AI to detect and ensure legitimate payments are processed, which also limits chargebacks.

So what happens when you don’t use Butter?

Even with internal teams or external features from PSPs or software billing platforms, you still won’t get this:
Comprehensive solution focused on the problem
  • Requires deep technical expertise and knowledge
  • An understanding of the archaic payments ecosystem that is under constant threat from fraud
Much more than basic retry methods
  • Individually optimized time and cadence to retry failed payments
  • Dedicated approach on a per payment basis including authorization
Constantly evolving expertise
  • Like computer virus threats, problem constantly changes
  • Requires a team for ongoing insights at all levels of payment ecosystem to ensure legitimate payments go through

Butter’s capabilities

leverages insights across all parameters


Our Authorization capability optimizes for the likelihood of authorization success with precision unlike any other in the industry.
There are hundreds of parameters you could be sending with an authorization request. Butter parses through the clutter to help you determine the necessary ones to succeed.
The result is increased top of the funnel trial starts and paid subscriptions with dynamic elegance while eliminating user friction. Butter evolves the checkout form dynamically to eliminate extra form fields when they're not needed, and populate them only when issuers require them.
If a pre-authorization fails, the journey isn't over. Butter provides a redundant waterfalling strategy that helps merchants recoup up to 30% of initially failed checkout attempts. Butter provides checkout analytics to help you prioritize the right payment methods for the right customers.
time and cadence retry with authorize


Butter’s Recover capability leverages Authorization in conjunction with exactly when and how often to retry failed payments — down to the second on a per payment basis. This results in a meaningfully better rate of recovery for failed payments (cure rate) than ever seen before.
If you have an existing retry (Dunning) system in place, either a custom one you created or a feature in billing management, PSP,  customer support, or email/sms communication no problem. At Butter we have seen it all (well mostly all) and likely have low risk solutions to share that will compliment what you have in place.
outcomes-driven dashboarding


At Butter we know you need to see to believe it, and that is why we have created Stack. Stack is a dashboard that shows you not only the performance that Butter is delivering for you real time, but also unique views that you can define working with our customer success team. This means you can see the exact revenue and subscriber value that is a direct result of the Butter platform.
You can also calibrate the Butter standard views with ones you may have via other tools.
Because Butter only charges a success fee based on recovered revenue, Stack also gives you an audit-worthy summary of payments attributable to Butter.

Frequently Asked Questions

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My payments data is very sensitive; what do you need access to and when?

We agree, and accordingly our two step process requires just what we need and only that. For the first step: the churn analysis, we need access to historical data. You can export it to us, or simply share read only access via API. We do not need or touch PII, and data is encrypted end to end in flight and at rest.

For the second step: for a free trial, we need real time access to be able to process failed payments when they happen and then retry them for you so you can see the results.

How secure is your system and what about data privacy?

Our systems have passed multiple security audits by some of the most demanding customers in the industry. All data is encrypted end to end in flight and at rest, and any storage is SOC compliant. The platform is also PCI compliant.

From a data privacy perspective, we purposely do not need or access PII. If requested by our customers we are happy to complete BPA forms and are familiar with CCPA and GDPR requirements. Accordingly we can also remove any and all data upon request if needed once we have done our analysis.

We have an internal team working on this, why would I work with Butter?

Butter is in the unique position of being 100% focused on this accidental (involuntary) problem which means our patented platform is built uniquely leveraging insights across multiple banks, cards, geographies and formats and can optimize for hundreds of different parameters and internal team would not have access to. We have never met a customer we could not offer additional revenue for.

This is one of the reasons we offer the free Payment Health Analysis, so that your internal team can gauge the value that Butter can offer over what you have in place today and we can go from there.

Importantly, the Butter platform does not replace internal efforts but is an additional tool in their belt that is focused on a very specific element of churn.

Our payments stack is tied to a lot of our internal fulfillment and customer communications processes. How much risk and effort would it be to add Butter and is it worth it?

We get it. There are a lot of things tied to whether a payment fails or succeeds.
For systems where payment success triggers fulfillment processes we work closely to ensure that as Butter rescues payments quietly and quickly in the background we do so with your time windows in mind as well as ensuring for great customers we can pause if it makes sense vs. canceling.

A big part of Butter’s value is fixing a valid failed payment without the need to notify your end users either over email, sms, or in App. We work to deliver the best end user customer experience; one where the customer is notified only when you really need them to do something which is after we have tried to recover the payment.

We also have integrated with a number of third party and internally developed end user communication systems in this way and are passionate about getting it right.

Everyone says it takes no engineering to use their product but rarely is that the case, how is Butter different?

We have worked hard to ensure we deploy via pre-built integrations with your payment service provider (PSP). We essentially capture each and every failed payment and do the work to make sure the valid ones go through.

That said, if you have specific needs that require a different implementation we’d like to hear about it and see if we can accommodate in a way where all of the engineering effort is on the Butter side of the fence. A good example of this is our ability to add a new PSP in about a month if needed for our customers.

From a business perspective, we are much more focused on growth vs. churn and do not have people focused on retention. Should I connect with Butter when we have a retention team?

Butter has been developed from the beginning to be a turnkey outsourced platform that delivers revenue without a need for our customers to invest resources or have dedicated teams. In many cases we work solely with CFOs, CEOs, or others on the finance or product  teams to deliver impressive results simply from access to your PSP. What this means is we can quantify revenue opportunities quickly from analyzing your data, and then deliver those results with no other internal dedicated teams needed...found money (in the sofa!).

We use a wide range of payment methods beyond the PSPs you show on your site, can Butter work with PayPal, Google Pay, ApplePay, and other PSPs?

We are adding new PSPs and payment methods at a rate of about one a month, so chances are whatever payment method you are using is on our road map including 3DS options and internationally focused PSPs. Please send us a line and we can quickly see how well we might match up to what you need.

Once we are deployed with Butter, what does support look like and how do the savings get quantified on an ongoing basis once initially delivered?

Great question. Once the revenue tide rises as a result of Butter we have a number of ways to deliver ongoing value for our customers. First we review performance on a quarterly basis to share exactly what a current baseline performance is, and the exact value the Butter platform is delivering. In many cases we help our customers increase their baseline performance by sharing insights on things they can do to improve things outside of our control (we love doing this, and an example is to prioritize specific payment methods for end users based on payments insights).

Butter is also optimizing our AI and machine learning to get better and better and that shows up in the data, but more importantly we release major new capabilities about once a quarter to help across the board, and give early access to existing customers so they can benefit. Our whole business model is built around making our customers as successful as possible as we only get paid when we deliver.

My business is pretty unique and I don’t see an example of a similar customer on your website. How do I know if Butter will work for me?

Well let’s talk! Like most companies we do not show all of our customers on our website on purpose but chances are we can quickly find an example similar to your business. It is also true that if for some reason we are not a fit, we will tell you so quickly and directly.
The last important thing is that if you are still not sure, we are happy to do a churn assessment for you for free with no obligation as that will tell us for sure one way or another.

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