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The Butter Team

Jan 9, 2024

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How Butter recovers 166%+ more lost revenue than traditional payment recovery

The Butter Team

Jan 9, 2024

Your customers deserve Butter

Want to see what Butter can do for your revenue?

Unlike traditional payment recovery platforms, Butter optimizes merchants’ recovery strategies to capture lost revenue due to accidental customer churn. We tailor our machine learning models to every subscription company’s unique needs. 

The results? By partnering with Butter, merchants enhance their payment health, drive customer retention, and boost revenue with a 5% + increase in ARR. 

Every payment receives an optimized recovery strategy

Most recovery solutions use the same retry strategy for every merchant. No matter what error code you get, the recovery partner retries the payment using the same dunning cycle. That static approach means every transaction undergoes the same number of retries at the same time of day. 

However, an “insufficient fund” failure from Chase Bank in the United States needs a completely different retry schedule than a “do not honor” from Bank of India that happened on a Friday. 

Butter optimizes your retry strategy with dynamic error code handling. Depending on the bank, card, currency, and geography, we optimize the timing of every retry for when it’s most likely to succeed — down to the second.

Our machine learning models are tailored to each client

Most companies that offer machine learning use the same model across hundreds of customers, refreshing the data only a few times a year. 

Butter uses proprietary models that learn not just from your transactions, but the transactions of Butter’s entire user base. This means our models are trained to perform beyond the industry standard — increasing the likelihood that payment recovery is successful. 

Next, Butter’s ML models tailor your payment recovery strategy based on your: 

  • Merchant account — Historical data influences future recovery attempts. 
  • Industry — Lookalike customer data informs how we apply your data.

Enjoy white-glove support for your payment recovery

Our competitors offer technical support that’s often limited to overseas service teams and prerecorded phone queues. Even worse, they apply the same one-size-fits-all approach to client support as they do your recovery strategy. 

Butter offers a dedicated full-time team that evaluates your transactions daily and deploys new models as often as once a week. As your data evolves, your recovery strategy adjusts to match.

With Butter, every payment retry is smarter than the last

Other platforms optimize for the likelihood that each individual recovery attempt is successful. The problem is that once an attempt fails, future attempts are less likely to succeed. 

Butter considers all attempted recoveries of a payment, so the next retry is more likely to succeed. By looking at your end-to-end strategy, Butter’s algorithm learns from past attempts to recover more payments in less time — even outperforming your current strategy by 166%+.

Ready to see what Butter can do for your payments? Contact our team for a free custom demo.

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Your customers deserve Butter