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Brought to you by the payments and engineering leaders who added hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental ARR for XBOX, Dropbox, and Scribd.

We drove 1700 basis points of improvement in payment authorization rates at Scribd.

We reduced the mix of involuntary churn from 50% to 20% at Dropbox.

And Butter can unlock hidden revenue for you, too.

Customer churn is a challenge. We can help.

Every subscription product fights churn, but many don’t realize that up to 50% of their lost revenue is “passive” — in other words, due to payment failure. We help companies eliminate involuntary churn so that they don’t lose the users who don’t want to lose them. Here’s how.

Authorization optimization

Intelligent capture amounts optimized by card scheme and geo-location.

Built-in redundancy and fallbacks to maximize top-of-funnel trial and start conversion.

Dynamic payment metadata toggling to maximize authorization success rate.

Recurring billing recovery

Lapsed payment Dunning recovery strategies and dynamic error response handling.

Load balancing across processors, banks, and merchant accounts.

Auto-retries via network tokenization and automated issuing bank outreach.

Intelligent segmentation

Stratification of trusted user segments to process over clean merchant accounts.

Clustering of fund sources for re-routing over personalized processing rails.

Historical analysis of PAN and BIN data to pre-empt failed and costly collection attempts.

International services

Local entity set-ups to unlock challenging cross-border markets.

Cost savings via interchange rate haggling and scheme optimization.

Localized payment instrumentations tailored for global users.

If you do subscriptions, we can help.

Ready to get started? Here’s how, in three easy steps:

Day 1 - 30

Custom churn assessment & savings estimate

Butter plugs into your anonymized transaction history for the past year. At the end of the diagnostic, we’ll tell you how much money you’re leaving on the table and give you an annualized savings estimate.

Day 31-120

White glove services & custom integration

Butter provides a custom integration plan to meet your team’s payments engineering needs. Post-integration, we run and tabulate your savings in real time.

Day 120-180

Review results & re-coup savings

We’ll review your savings, ensure you’re on track to meet our upfront annualized assessment (and more) and renew!

Find out what you could be saving today!

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