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Over 3 billion people worldwide are denied access to products and services due to payment failure from accidental churn.

Accidental churn is when legitimate payments fail due to being incorrectly flagged as fraudulent. This is expected to result in more than $443 billion in lost revenue per year 1


Why Butter?

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Pre-built no-code integrations with your existing payment service provider ready to go in hours.

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We’ve saved hundreds of millions in revenue for companies like Dropbox, Scribd, and XBOX.

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Rescue customers you’re losing (4% in many cases) by making sure legitimate payments go through.

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This is a no brainer for any e-commerce, membership, or subscription company.

Butter unlocks a massive untapped revenue and customer retention opportunity that is only getting larger. Across our portfolio companies alone we expect a significant amount of found revenue per year.

Jack Abraham, Managing Partner

How a file sharing subscription business cut accidental churn in half

Incremental annual revenue
Decrease in churn
Increase in payment cure

How a subscription marketplace gained $30M via auth improvements

Incremental annual revenue
Recurring subscriptions
Authorizations per month

How Butter Works


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Post-trial, we’ll report results monthly, with a pre-agreed success fee tied only to revenue Butter found.

Butter helps people to get the products and services they love, no matter who or where they are.

With over 30 years building companies, this technology and team is by far the best I’ve seen, and with such a great purpose.

Bill Hoppin, Co-Founder of Butter

Butter vs. Others

A breakthrough patented technology.

Butter uses patented algorithms to reduce false declines on legitimate payments. We blend best in class techniques honed over my 10 years years building the world's highest performing payments teams, saving over $200M in revenue, because everyone deserves access to products no matter where they're from.

Vijay Menon, Founder & CEO of Butter

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Start your free assessment to qualify for a free trial.
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