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We’re on a mission to end accidental churn.

Butter Payments works with top subscription companies to process payments more effectively, recovering millions of dollars in lost revenue, and continuing to provide valuable services to happy customers.

Subscription companies are losing 10% of revenue to failed payments... a problem we refer to as ‘Accidental Churn’

Butter is a payments technology platform that uniquely ensures legitimate payments don’t get falsely flagged as fraud or lost in an archaic payment ecosystem, typically saving customers 5% of their subscribers and millions of annual revenue they lose today.

Our machine learning model uses dynamic error code handling, coupled with optimized retry timing, to formulate the best recovery approach for each individual payment resulting in exceptional performance.

Our Story

Vijay, Butter’s founder and CEO, witnessed the challenges of involuntary churn and failed payments when he led customer retention at Microsoft. A statistician, he worked with the Xbox team to solve the problem using machine learning and data science. In 2016, their new solution helped the company recover 10+ million Xbox Live subscriptions, resulting in $100MM+ in recovered revenue.

After finding the same problem and building similar solutions at DropBox & Scribd, Vijay partnered with Atomic VC to create Butter and solve this large and growing market problem.

Payments are the lifeblood of any economy, yet the system is old, creaky, and broken in so many ways. Butter is on a mission to end accidental churn once and for all!

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