Assess your payment health and recover more lost revenue – here’s how

Jan. 13, 2022
Assess your payment health and recover more lost revenue – here’s how

With our patent-pending payment tech, Butter optimizes failed payment recovery to capture lost revenue and minimize accidental customer churn. We tailor our machine learning models to every subscription company’s unique needs. 

The results? By partnering with Butter, merchants enhance their payment health, drive customer retention, and boost revenue with a 5%+ increase in ARR. 

It all starts with a free Payment Health Analysis for your business. 

“How will I benefit from a Payment Health Analysis?” 

During a free Payment Health Analysis, the Butter team reviews up to 12 months of your payment data to identify opportunities to maximize revenue and boost customer retention. 

Next, our proprietary models compare your transaction data to the data of lookalike customers to see the expected lift from using Butter — typically 5% or more added to your ARR. 

With a PHA report, your business will: 

  • Quantify lost revenue due to failed payments
  • Score performance of your current payment retry strategy
  • Understand which areas Butter can optimize
  • Project recovered revenue and ARR growth

“I don’t think I have a failed payment problem.” 

Lost revenue due to failed payments is higher than you think — even 20%+ of your ARR. That’s why a free PHA by Butter will clearly illustrate how much ARR and how many customers you lose to failed payments, as well as any missed opportunities to recover revenue. 

From there, Butter eliminates the guesswork by: 

  1. Evaluating your most recent payment data
  2. Optimizing your payment retry strategy accordingly
  3. Helping you reclaim lost revenue and users from failed payments

Ready for your free PHA? Contact our team today.

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