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We are proud of creating and building a strong culture at Butter.

We work hard, but also have diverse and full lives which we feel make us better co-workers together and better builders of great products for our customers.

Our diverse backgrounds make us more empathetic to each other and also our customers. We are lifelong travelers and greatly value the experiences from being exposed to new cultures at all levels.

We believe the work we do is important, in that it ultimately enables access for people across the planet to the things they want and deserve.

Our values

What matters to us at Butter

Our shared values keep us connected and guide us as one team.

Mutual respect

Challenge — but understand and empathize.

Robust communication

Eliminate hierarchies, open the marketplace of ideas, and encourage conversation.

Great listening

Listen to our customers and to each other and adapt.

Perfect reliability

Our customers trust & expect that we’ll do and deliver what we say we can do.

Risk takers with consensus

Respect each others roles: give and take input freely and respect decisions.
Presidio office

Our location

San Francisco
1 Letterman Drive, Building C, Suite
2500 San Francisco, CA 94129

Our hiring process

Finding the right person for our team is important, but it’s just as important for you to get to know us. We appreciate the difficulties that come with job-hunting, so we take pride in making our selection process as smooth and efficient as possible. We’ll take video calls over phone calls any day, as we think it creates a better connection. And you won’t have to wait around to hear from us; we’ll make sure to keep you updated at every stage.

Perks and benefits

Comprehensive employee benefits

We offer a lot more than just snacks.

Blue Cross

Great coverage for you and your family: medical, dental and vision.

Paternal and maternal

We love families and if you are growing one we want to support you.

Get in early and grow with us!

You’ll have valuable equity in Butter as you join in helping us to become a large and important company.

Remote is fine, but we like to get together now and then

We’re remote friendly and believe in the flexibility. We do like to connect in person regularly as we feel it’s the best way to get to know each other (and makes remote connections even better!).

Unlimited Vacation

If you need time to decompress, travel or spend time with family we support you. A rested person does better work. As long as it’s communicated well and the work can go on without you for awhile.

Giving Back

We take part in giving 1% back to causes that support our mission of enabling access to products and services across the world.
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Our people are our bread and butter.