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The Butter Team

Jan 8, 2024

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How long until you’ll see returns on Butter? 90 days (or less)

The Butter Team

Jan 8, 2024

Your customers deserve Butter

Want to see what Butter can do for your revenue?

Butter merchants enhance their payment health, drive customer retention, and boost revenue with a 5%+ increase in ARR. And they start seeing results within the first 90 days.

How does it work? Our patent-pending payment tech uses a machine learning model to tailor recovery strategies to each subscription company’s unique needs. Our merchants recover more lost revenue due to accidental customer churn — 166%+.

Boost your ARR by 5% or more

Payment failures account for about 50% of customer churn, which we call “accidental churn.” Butter helps subscription companies minimize accidental churn by recovering more failed payments. On average, we outperform our users’ existing recovery strategies by 27.5% with up to a 10X increase in top line revenue.

That translates to:

  • ~10% reduction in accidental churn1
  • ~1x increase in LTV:CAC ratio1
  • ~5% improvement in ARR, Dr. Squatch, Speechify, and more use Butter to recover millions in revenue

Most customers see success within the first 90 days of using Butter — and they continue to see significant improvements across their first year.

  • Perlego, a leading provider of subscription textbooks, increased recovered revenue by 30%.
  • A leading edtech business recovered nearly $30M (~10% of their top line ARR).
  • Simple, a nutrition app, increased revenue by 70% from recovered payments.
  • A leading beauty box brand recovered $10M+.
  • A successful mental health company recovered ~7% of top line ARR.

Within 8 months, a global eLearning merchant achieved:

  • 24,000 recovered invoices per month
  • $12 million in recovered AOV
  • $30 million in recovered ARR
  • 166%+ improvement in recovery rate

Butter optimizes your retry strategy for max recovered revenue

Traditional payment recovery solutions take a one-size-fits-all approach. Butter deploys our proprietary machine learning models to analyze every failed payment and determine the ideal timing for retrying the transaction.

Our custom solution is:

  • Dynamic — Our model adjusts to every new transaction.
  • Scalable — Transaction charges apply only when we recover your lost revenue.
  • Easy to implement — Butter goes live within a week and without a single line of code. Plus, our integrations support most payment processors and subscription platforms.

Want to see what Butter can do for your revenue? Contact our team for a free custom demo.

1 Based on historical vs. live performance of Butter for all active clients

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Your customers deserve Butter