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Why every subscription company needs a Payment Intelligence Platform
Payment Intelligence Platform can give subscription companies a 4+% lift in ARR
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Butter raises $7M to end ‘accidental’ customer churn due to payment failure
Vijay Menon, a statistician by trade, began his career at Microsoft. “Every subscription company deals with this black hole,” he says.
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Key macro trends driving the modern subscription economy
Consumer behavior has been transformed by the rise of e-commerce, though the payments systems infrastructure.
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In the fight against fraud, you’re likely losing your best customers
At current growth rates, involuntary churn could cost more than $650 billion in five years, more than 10 times the lost revenue due to fraud.
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Involuntary Churn - What is it and what can you do about it?
5% of subscription customers are lost each year when legitimate payments fail, which totaled up to $440 billion in lost revenue in 2021.
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