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How to Use Machine Learning to Recover Failed Recurring Payments
Learn how to harness the power of machine learning to effectively recover failed recurring payments, optimize transaction data, and maximize revenue in the world of subscription businesses.
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Video Series: Acquisition in the Game of Retention - Playing the Game in Easy Mode
We dove into the symbiotic relationship between customer retention and acquisition, sharing insights on optimizing customer lifetime value through strategies like personalized segmentation, strategic discounts, and innovative services.
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4 Tactics to Recover Failed Recurring Payments
Embracing advanced technologies like machine learning offers a dynamic and efficient approach to optimize payment recovery tactics, reduce customer impact, and ensure sustainable growth in the subscription-based industry.
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Butter Named One of the Most Promising Startups of 2023
We are honored to be included in such a wonderful cohort of startups!
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It’s the Data, Not the Customer: Why Recurring Payments Fail
Failed payments happen when a legitimate payment is declined by the payment network, a problem that can climb into millions of dollars as a company’s revenue increases.
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Butter Raises $22M to End Accidental Payment Churn
We're extremely proud to announce our Series A funding led by Norwest Venture Partners!
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